Logo Design #2

When I open my sketchbook for major project in last term, I found out the cat-shaped pencil case I designed can be a great logo as its design is simple and clean. More importantly, it is what I like and I would like it to be my brand icon.

Then, I started making some sketching to develop my idea. I changed its shape to a square body and tried several sizes of ears and positions of its face. (+Reason)


Afterwards, I decided to make one with Illustrator. I have tried to use Illustrator in the past, to make a logo for a society. However, it seemed to be so hard and difficult as I did not know how the tools functions and how to save as PNG. This time I found it is easier than I thought, probably due to the experience of using Photoshop, I had some certain basic knowledges.

Firstly, I created a rounded rectangle. The second step is using “Arc Tool” and “Line Segment Tool” to create the tail. It looked like a speech bubble. Lastly, I have used lines and paint to draw its face. However, I do not know how to erase the right bottom angle of the rounded rectangle. I decided to save the selected area as PNG file and open it on Photoshop to do the final step.

By using Photoshop, I erased the things that I do not want, and saved the final piece with transparent background.



The final piece

Now It is my logo. I am going to put it on my website’s icon. I might modify it in the future. However, time is running short. My main pieces are my first priority, I would like to be concencrated on them at this moment.



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