Initial Idea

Based on some research I did in the previous post “Bainstorming“, I made some sketching of my initial idea and I have shown them to my tutor. Now I am going to post the sketching here and explain how does the research inspired me, and decribe how do my products work.

Firstly, I am going to post the three exisiting products I have been looking at. If you want to know more, you can go back to the previous post (the link is in the first paragraph).

Here is my sketching:


Shoes Rack

As I have mentioned, I think book shelves and shoes shelves sometimes are quite simliar in design. Therefore, I have been looking at the book shelves design till I saw the Ribbon Shelf (Left), and an idea popped up in my mind – I can design a shoes rack that can tilt to the wall.

In the beginning, I was thinking in my situation. As I am currently living in a accomodation and I dont have too many shoes with me in England. I cannot really put a shoe rack or shoe shelf in the room, as it would take up too much space. Hence, I was thinking what if other people living in a small area, how can they have a good looking storage for their shoes. Instead of making a shoe cabinet which requires more space, making a wall shelf can space up a bit space. For the people who have a shoes cabinet already, they can use it for the shoes they usually wear, or for the guest, or even if they have too many shoes to fit into the cabinet.

You can also see I did some sketching on the left hand side, I was thinking how to draw the image in my brain on the paper. I tried a few times, then finally I made it (Right hand side).


Storage for Spices

Then it comes to the storage for spices, I have two ideas. First one is a wall rail, with the specific spice containers. For both design, you can put a small paper card on the cover of the containers, to mark what spices are they. Second one is a small storage inserts for the spices. Also, when you can tilt it down, get the spice you want easily. Compared to the first one, second one is easier to see the name on the cover, and it can be store inside or outside the cabinet. If you store it inside, you can put other food or bottle of sauce on top of it, unlike the common rack for spice that takes up so much space and even you have more than enough space, you can’t put any other stuffs on it. What’s more, depends on the amount of spices you have, you can even buy more than one of it and put that on top of another one.

However, both of the design have the common problem. As I want to sort out the problem of “hard to store the bag of spices”, they are flat and hard to store them in a place. And I forgot to design a space for them, therefore, I should modify my idea or add something into it. I will keep on updating mmy idea development.

That’s all of my initial ideas for two products. I will update the development of my idea tomorrow and also for the third design, as soon as possible. Since the sketching this time is a bit rough, next time I would use Photoshop to do it.


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