Feedback From Tutor

This afternoon I talked to my tutor about my major project. It is the feedback from my tutor in brief:

For my work,

  1. Work on the brand! Place it on the design.
  2. Branded products (Same pattern for each piece)
  3. Branded Names (for each product)
  4. All about “rack”.

For my portfolio,

  1. Spiral bound portfolio -> Book (even design the cover)
  2. Page 1 – Artist statement, Page 2 – Concept
  3. Product design boards -> Layout
  4. Lots of explaination/description for each piece of work
  5. For each piece, can be more than 1 page (as many as it can)
  6. Beautiful final work
  7. Start thinking it earlier.

What am I going to work on my brand?
Design a logo for my brand and the pattern that would be used on my products. Lastly, give them a name, which shows they are in a collection.

What am I going to design?
I have shared my initial idea to my tutor (sketching below), and she said it would be better that the third product also is a rack to dry the kitchen utensil, instead of the multifunctional hanger (please refer to the previous post).

What can I do better on my portfolio this time?
I have to start thinking about it earlier, like the layout and pages. I will search some product design boards, and see what can I learn from them. Now I know I can do more than a page for each product, so I should do more explanation and description for each piece. No matter how good the design is, the presentation takes an important role to build up the image and add marks on my products/design! Therefore, my tutor enphasized I must have to produce a beautiful final work on my portfolio this time.

Now I have a clearer direction, so I am going to modify my Monthly Planner, in case I won’t miss anything I have to do.


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