This post will be sharing my initial ideas and I would develop them further by finding some more inspiration.

I have a plan, so now I have to think about what to design / make. I am going to list out what did I want to design / make in the beginning.

  • Water bottle
  • Wallet
  • Kitchen utensil
  • Small furniture (a multifunctional hanger?)

As I would like to do something related kitchen and domestic products, I can focus on this area, and think further. Therefore, I sometimes stand in kitchen or bedroom, and think about a question “what kind of problems I am facing in daily live?”

In bedroom,

  1. Hard to do laundry in such a small room (Not enough space to hang the clothes)
  2. Shoes are everywhere, but no space to put a shoes shelve.
  3. Do not have a good storage for underwear or tiny clothes.

In kitchen,

  1. The cabinet is small, but I have lots of spices.
  2. Hard to
  3. store bags of dry fruit and nuts, and spices in bag.
  4. No good place to dry the utensils.

Based on the problems I raised up, the specific products I should look up for:

  • a multifunctional hanger
  • A shoes rack
  • A rack for spices and bags of nuts etc
  • A container/rack to dry the kitchen utensils

Now, I am searching up online for home furniture products, and I will post the research below:


Book shelf

I wanted to get inspiration from book shelves, to design a shoe shelve and I found this is useful. I think book shelves and shoes shelves, sometimes look similar, and their functions are quite similar too.


Wall Rail With Hooks


Holder For Containers

I am scrolling around in IKEA webpage to find inspirations, also, looking at the existing products. Ikea is one of the famous company for home furniture. As I want to design something like rack or whatever for storing spices in bottles or bags, I think it would be a great idea to look at Ikea products. And now, I have some ideas in my head, I would stop it here, and start drawing something. I will post the sketching today. Hopefully, I can complete the tasks I set to myself.

[1] Book Shelf
[2] Wall Rail With Hooks
[3] Holder For Container



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