Monthly Planner

I started late this term, as I spent too much time on hesitating and struggling about what to do. It is already Week Four, I am supposed to start working on my major project already, however, I am now still in a planning stage, haven’t finalized my plan and idea.

Therefore, I am going to make a monthly planner for myself, in order to catch up the speed and hopefully won’t be too rush in the last 2 weeks.

However, I think I would change a bit in the process. When I have done the tasks I made to myself, I would cross it.


Tasks Due date


  • Research for inspiration and Idea
  • Artist Research (for pattern)
  • Research on 3D software
  • Initial design of each pieces
  • Logo Design
30 April


  • Finalize Logo and pattern design
  • Artist Research (product designer?)
  • Develop ideas
  • Finalize the design of Piece 1&2

7 May


  • Finish Piece 1&2
  • Further research on 3D software
  • Practice on 3D software

14 May


  • Finalize the design of Piece 3
  • Research

21 May


  • Finish Piece 3
  • Ensure all pieces are done
  • Research and planning for Porfolio

28 May


  • Portfolio

4 June

  • Final check of everything before deadline

11 June


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