My Plan

My plan now is designing 3 pieces products, including a real product, and one made with 3D software. The main idea of presenting my work in three different ways is to learn new skills which is practical and beneficial to my progression route, product design.

Therefore, for the real product I would made, it is going to be something related to wood work. As I have no exprience of working with wood, I would choose an easy design to make.

Moreover, it is my first time to try using a 3D drawing software. I have no idea that how to use them, and what functions do they have. Firstly I have to search for a good software, then watch some tutorial videos. It is going to take longer time to try a new thing, but I think it is worth it, and I will ask my tutor for opinions.

Although three pieces seem to be less compared to some of my classmates doing 6 pieces or 9 pieces, I think I would like to spend more time focusing on 3 pieces, to make them high quality, meanwhile, learning new skills which is advantageous to me. Like last term, I put quality in a higher place than quantity. I will try my best to do something great with new mediums.

My plan:





Using Photoshop to create design board It is the third term to use it, but I still want to practice more, and it’s an useful skill for me.


Using wood,  and perhaps, fabric etc. To learn how to work with different materials.


Using 3D software
(Should I make a design board, separately?)
To learn different skills. Try to make something great.

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