Initial Theme

The colour scheme this term I am going to use is white and blue. I am going to show a colour palette of the colours I would used in my work.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.03.19 AM

Colour palette


I might change the colour palette in the future, but I would keep it updated.

The reason why I picked blue and white, as I saw an illustration on a product. It is The Great Wave of Kanawaga¹. I really like this like kind of old Japanese style. I can spend few minutes on looking at them whenever I see them. This kind of styles, they are not realistic, but simple and clean. One point I really appreciate is the artists usually even care about the small details.


The Great Wave of Kanawaga (Hokusai)

Therefore, I would like to use blue and white, the colour of sea and sky, to create my work. Personally, blue is also one of my favourite colours. Blue is one of the colour in nature; white represent purity and virtuous. I think it would be a great choice to use them in my work.

I am planning to put the pattern of sky and sea on my products. A good weather with blue sky always cheer people up, it directly affects one’s mood. Also, colour actually can affect people’s mood and feelings, as in three article (Links in below) , says blue makes people feel calm and relaxed, whereas white has a feeling of clean and purity, as I have mentioned above. I believe that they would be a good combination, to give an image of my products – clean and pleasant.

[1] The Great Wave of Kanawaga
[2] Psychological Properties Of Colours
[3] Effects Of Colours
[4] Hokusai Beyond The Great Wave



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