Self Reflection (Last term)

Base on the feedback from my tutor (sceenshot below),  my portfolio is really poor that cannot really meet the standard requirement. It is my fault that I didn’t do much research for portfolio, so I was a bit confuse about what to put into it. Also, due to my poor time management, I didn’t have enough time to prepare my portfolio, as I was putting most of my time on making my tangible work. I could not even print everything I need at the end. It adversely affects my presentation and is a biggest down point of my work.

The positive comment from my teacher is my research was contextual to my work, and show a good understanding of my product and target market. There always are rooms of improvement- the structure of my presentation can be better organised, concise and pithy. This time my presentation was overtime, as I did not count the time and practice in advance. I kept on talking about what I want to say, whereas I should have made a speech, so my language would be more accurate, and my speech woud be more clean and simple.

Overall, I know there are two things I must have to be improved in this term:

1. Pictures of my final work
As it directly affects the image of my products. I have to be ensured that the work I showed is at its best.

2. Content of my portfolio
I should have introduced and described my products, and ensure I have put everything inside. To present my final work in a high standard, with a decent front page and a clean template of each page.

And, two things I have to keep on doing well or even better in this term:

1. Artist research is contextural to my work, or even another reseach I did
It is always vital to show how does the research related to my work, and explain how does it affects or inspired my work.

2. Structure of my presentation
I have to improve my time management, plan the use of time, so I wont spend too much time on one specific part.


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12.34.36 PM

Feedback from my tutor



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