Initial Thinking Process

I am now struggling about what to do for my 3rd major project. Last term, I have done a collection of accessories- a pencil case, a bag and a rack of storing books (Pictures below). And, I made the real products for two of them.

This time I would like to make something too, as I think it would be more interesting to have something tangible, you can touch. When I was thinking of the direction, all I can think of is kitchen or domestic stuffs, which is difficult for me to make a real thing at this moment. It is going to extra more time to explore how to make it, and the final result would not be great with the limited time of 10 weeks. Now It is the 3rd week already, it is not worth to risk it. I should do something that I can do.

As I have talked to my tutor and friends, I realised that I don’t have to worried about this problem too much, I have to find a theme and make some process, design something, then I can think of whether I should make a real product. I might find one of my designs is easy enough to make before deadline. Therefore, this time I don’t have to be so hurry like this time. I made two real product without using any machines, so it took me quite a lot of time.

It is good to think about how to present my products more interesting, and think of the audience, but I have to consider my strenght and ability, so I won’t overestimate myself and do something I am capable of. I have some ideas already, I will share my ideas and develop it further in next post.


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